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7 Theme party ideas: The Holiday Season

Are you hosting a theme party this Holiday season but having a creativity block? Don’t worry. Here comes the rescue! I gathered some theme ideas, which you can easily organize with little budget! All you need in advance is a location, a simple living room will do. Theme party 1: Casino Royale Vegas combined with Bond, James Bond! Classical long dresses; [...]

The Dutch Poncho

De dagen worden kouder en kouder en de truien, vesten en Poncho's moeten weer uit de kast gehaald worden! De poncho's van Pony en de Poncho's zijn een must-have voor dit seizoen!  De poncho's zijn te verkrijgen in allerlei hippe varianten. Een echte eye-catcher die je outfit helemaal compleet maakt! Mijn favoriete Poncho's van dit merk is de 'Lovely Zebra' [...]

Dating a Gym Rat: This is What Happens…

I’ve been lucky enough to have found a boyfriend that is very dedicated - not only to me, but mostly to the gym, being fit and living a healthy lifestyle! I get a lot of questions about this from my family and friends. Does he eat normal? Do I also eat like he does? Does he eat strange things? How much time does he spend in the gym? What does he train? Why i[...]