Culinary Delights

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Raw cocoa balls

It’s been a whole week of rain here in southern Brazil. The sky is grey, days are so wet and cold I almost forgot we are only three days from spring! On days like these it’s easy to tempted and go off diet, but I also have a great desire to go to the kitchen and prepare something tasty and cozy. Today was the day to make an intuitive and nutritious recipe t[...]

Nectar of the gods

When I became a vegetarian about two years ago, I chose - besides having less cruelty in my plate- to lead a healthy and balanced diet. My day-to-day included industrialized dairy, full of sugars and fats. Despite not having abandoned the consumption of dairy products and eggs, whenever I do consume them they must be organic and from animals bred free. But [...]

I dream big!

I dream big! En dat is meteen de basis van alles wat ik doe in het leven. I truly believe one should shoot for the moon! So even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars! Vrouw en thirtysomething sinds kort, juriste, met een sterk engagement en met een politiek mandaat. I’m a believer! Vooral dan in de kracht van mensen, zeker als ze samenwerken. Ik ben da[...]