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Beauty Tips door visagisten- part 3

December zat vol met feestjes, dinertjes, wijntjes en gezelligheid! Zo veel gezelligheid dat ons vaste item, Beauty tips door visagisten, er even bij in is geschoten. Echter in 2016 gaan we dit item gewoon weer maandelijks voortzetten. Zoals altijd: beautytips, niet van mij maar van de professionals. Deze maand zet ik de tips van Amira centraal en zij deelt [...]

Cassino Beach - Surf, Kitesurf & SUP Spot

Rio de Janeiro, Florianópolis or northern beaches are normally places that spring to someone's mind when thinking about Brazilians beaches. Of course, those are really beautifull places that you can find in any travel agency's catalogue. In this first post I would like to present a very special but not that famous spot in Brazil - even for Brazilians. This p[...]

Hello from Brazil

Hello everyone, Since this is my first post at Milk & Sugar I’d like to introduce myself: My name is Valentina, a Brazilian citizen born and raised in the extreme south, Litoral, of this tropical country working and living in Porto Alegre. For the last 8 years I’ve been working in the fashion industry as a model, but what brings me here is the things t[...]