Culinary Delights

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The Dutch Poncho

De dagen worden kouder en kouder en de truien, vesten en Poncho's moeten weer uit de kast gehaald worden! De poncho's van Pony en de Poncho's zijn een must-have voor dit seizoen!  De poncho's zijn te verkrijgen in allerlei hippe varianten. Een echte eye-catcher die je outfit helemaal compleet maakt! Mijn favoriete Poncho's van dit merk is de 'Lovely Zebra' [...]

The Green Power

Every morning after my daily Ashtanga Yoga practice I come home and prepare, what is for me, the most beautiful meal of the day. Breakfast is a wonderful chance to provide the body with lots of nutrients and, with the right choices, has the power to improve your daily energy. Today I started my day with a Power Green Juice made with organic ingredients. Eve[...]

Spices - Cinnamon

According to Ayurveda, an ancient Indian medicine, spices have a very important role in maintaining our balance. They have powerful healing powers as well as impart flavors and wonderful smells at mealtimes. What happens is that many people do not know how to use them, nor know the benefits of each and how to prepare them with the food. With this in mind, I[...]