Culinary Delights

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Sejuice me! Summer Slow juice recipes

I wanted to incorporate more healthy food in my daily diet, so I decided I wanted to make more vegetable and fruit juices for myself. Juicing can be done with various kitchen appliances like a blender or centrifugal machine, but for multiple reasons (which you can all Google) I bought myself a new kitchen centerpiece: a slow juicer. (Slow)Juices are very co[...]

Diary Danielle: 12 weeks of Kayla's BBG

Week 7: Last week I wrote about the fact that I have to take it easy with the Kayla BBG Program and that part hasn’t changed so far. I still have my injuries even when I slowed down with exercising last week. I did one our of spinning on Monday, one hour of Bodypump on Thursday and on Friday I did 45 minutes of cardio in the gym. I actually felt lazy after[...]

Killerbody under construction

Na mijn Kayla uitdaging en vele uren in de sportschool dacht ik het nu eens anders aan te pakken en daarom stapte ik binnen bij een personal trainer. Ik moet en zal één keer in mijn leven een sixpack hebben! Wim, mijn personal trainer, raadde mij aan om twee keer per week bij hem te komen trainen, streng op mijn voeding te letten en nog één uur zelf te train[...]