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Kayla Program, After 8 weeks.

Hello you guys! As you might have heard, some of the M&S girls are going to try 'The 12 week - bikini body program by Kayla Itsines'. Now, the thing is I did a 8 week kayla program not long ago and I thought it might be fun to tell you guys something about my experiences with it. Obviously it's not my goal to let the girls change their minds so I'll try[...]

Diary Joyce: 12 weeks of Kayla's BBG

Week 11 & 12: The last two weeks were a bit messy because of me moving in to my apartment. But part one of the BBG by Kayla is done! Because all the stuff were in boxes, making a shake was a big challenge. Unfortunately that's why I haven't made a green shake. I did however try to do the circuits as often as possible and I completed the LISS days by lif[...]

Gezond eten op je werk

Ken jij het ook? Je wil gezond eten op je werk maar de lunch op je werk laat dat niet helemaal toe. Je betaald elke maand een klein bedrag en hebt daardoor de luxe om de koelkast op je werk te plunderen. Wat een luxe maar natuurlijk zit daar net niet bij wat jij eigenlijk zou willen eten in je balans weken. Probeer dat in dit geval aan te vullen met dingen d[...]