Culinary Delights

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Diary Joyce: 12 weeks of Kayla's BBG

Week 11 & 12: The last two weeks were a bit messy because of me moving in to my apartment. But part one of the BBG by Kayla is done! Because all the stuff were in boxes, making a shake was a big challenge. Unfortunately that's why I haven't made a green shake. I did however try to do the circuits as often as possible and I completed the LISS days by lif[...]

Color adapt blush - Sephora

We houden allemaal van een kleur in ons gezicht! De Unique Pink blush van Sephora is een "must - have" voor iedere vrouw! De Sephora blush past zich aan, aan de huid en reageert op pH en laat het gezicht gloeien met een unieke kleur! De blush is voornamelijk geschikt voor girls die houden van een natural look, het is dan ook niet geschikt om te gebruiken ond[...]

Sejuice me! Summer Slow juice recipes

I wanted to incorporate more healthy food in my daily diet, so I decided I wanted to make more vegetable and fruit juices for myself. Juicing can be done with various kitchen appliances like a blender or centrifugal machine, but for multiple reasons (which you can all Google) I bought myself a new kitchen centerpiece: a slow juicer. (Slow)Juices are very co[...]