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7 Theme party ideas: The Holiday Season

Are you hosting a theme party this Holiday season but having a creativity block? Don’t worry. Here comes the rescue! I gathered some theme ideas, which you can easily organize with little budget! All you need in advance is a location, a simple living room will do. Theme party 1: Casino Royale Vegas combined with Bond, James Bond! Classical long dresses; [...]

Diary Danielle: 12 weeks of Kayla's BBG

Week 7: Last week I wrote about the fact that I have to take it easy with the Kayla BBG Program and that part hasn’t changed so far. I still have my injuries even when I slowed down with exercising last week. I did one our of spinning on Monday, one hour of Bodypump on Thursday and on Friday I did 45 minutes of cardio in the gym. I actually felt lazy after[...]

Hardlopen voor dummies

Iedereen doet het: hardlopen. Als het een beetje mooi weer is, zie je hordes hardlopers uit de bosjes springen. Alsof ze zitten te wachten tot de eerste loper zo dapper is om zijn gezicht te laten zien. Ook ik doe alweer mee aan de hype. Alweer? Ja, alweer? Zo’n drie jaar geleden was ik ook verknocht aan hardlopen. Drie keer in de week de hardloopschoentjes[...]