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Beauty Tips door Visagisten - Part 1

Je ziet het te vaak voorbij komen; oranje gekleurde foundation pannenkoeken op gezichten, wenkbrauwen die de vorm van het Nike logo hebben en dames met neon roze wangen door het gebruik van veel te veel rouge. Geordie Shore all over the place. Hoe het wel moet? Dat vraag ik in dit item aan de expert! Elke maand ga ik op zoek naar de Beauty Tips van visagiste[...]

Grounded in intention, lifting to gratitude - Why Yoga?

All my life I've been involved in some type of physical activity, most of the time dancing. I have a classical education, experienced many other genres (jazz, contemporary, tap ...) and I've also done swimming, fitness, gymnastics, circus trial lesson and... well, better stop here. Without really knowing how or why I came to my first yoga class and knew it w[...]

How the moral compass gets twisted in Asia

Ask yourself; if you would get away with murder, would you consider killing someone? I’m willing to bet that everyone has entertained the thought of taking someone’s life at least once in their lifetime. I’m not saying these are serious thoughts put into action - only few people actually murder someone- but our minds can dwell into dark places sometimes and [...]