Culinary Delights

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Killerbody under construction

Na mijn Kayla uitdaging en vele uren in de sportschool dacht ik het nu eens anders aan te pakken en daarom stapte ik binnen bij een personal trainer. Ik moet en zal één keer in mijn leven een sixpack hebben! Wim, mijn personal trainer, raadde mij aan om twee keer per week bij hem te komen trainen, streng op mijn voeding te letten en nog één uur zelf te train[...]

Nectar of the gods

When I became a vegetarian about two years ago, I chose - besides having less cruelty in my plate- to lead a healthy and balanced diet. My day-to-day included industrialized dairy, full of sugars and fats. Despite not having abandoned the consumption of dairy products and eggs, whenever I do consume them they must be organic and from animals bred free. But [...]

Tomorrow, mañana, morgen: the habit of procrastination

Tomorrow, mañana, morgen – an enchanted strange place far away where I can store the majority of my productivity, drive an accomplishments. Although I did learn over time to get things done (sometimes the hard way), as a student and recently in my professional life, I sometimes keep believing in the promise that tomorrow holds in my daily life. Research show[...]