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Imitatiebontjas Mango

Wat: Imitatiebontjas Waar: Mango Wat kost het: €89,99 nu voor €39,99! Ik had deze jas al eerder gespot, maar vond hem te duur. Een bontjas doe je namelijk niet elke dag aan. Dat is leuk om je perfecte outfit nóg perfecter te maken, maar hij staat lang niet bij alles dus € 89,99 voor een tussendoor jasje was mij te duur. Desondanks is de jas altijd in mijn[...]


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Your Go-To Snapchat Guide

Once only newsworthy for it's cringeworthy reputation as a teen sexting platform, Snapchat is now the main social media bea for your BFs, BFFs, and favorite brands, bloggers., and even news outlets. There's a reason the company is valued at $16 billion and now we have your comprehensive Snapchat guide to break down everything you need to [...]

Victoria's Secret: How to get an Angel Body?

It's December, the time of the year you prepare yourself for a good TV show. Get some cheese, chips, wine and settle in front of the TV. The annual Victoria’ Secret show starts. The only time a year when your boyfriend doesn’t mind watching a fashion show. For a short time: I find myself in bikini heaven… And then I look down and start to realize: Damn, I go[...]

7 Theme party ideas: The Holiday Season

Are you hosting a theme party this Holiday season but having a creativity block? Don’t worry. Here comes the rescue! I gathered some theme ideas, which you can easily organize with little budget! All you need in advance is a location, a simple living room will do. Theme party 1: Casino Royale Vegas combined with Bond, James Bond! Classical long dresses; [...]