Sail Away

SAIL Amsterdam 2015, zit er helaas weer op! SAIL Amsterdam is met alle internationale Tall Ships het grootste publieksevenement van Nederlan...


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Differences FR-NL

I've been living in France for a year and a half now and I don't have any plans to come back to Holland but that doesn't mean that in France everything's better or that it wasn't hard in the beginning to try to fit in and find 'my life' here. Some people might say: 'oh, it's only 2 borders away' or 'well, I've been there on holidays so many times and I don'[...]

People come, People go. The best will stay.

Travelling around has incredible benefits to people’s growing and spirit renovation. Living abroad is like having intensive life lessons every day.  Maybe living in your birthplace you would take much longer to realize or perhaps you’d never had it. While you are constantly learning new stuff, meeting new people and renovating your believes, the life abroad [...]

Set Sail

If there's one thing we need to do in this life, it is to raise the anchor and set sail; get out of our comfort zone and rediscover the feeling of being with the new, with nature, with the simple. That was the script of my weekend, sailing at Guaiba and seeing the city I live in from another angle. Even without the sea, Porto Alegre provides us the possibil[...]