Culinary Delights

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The uncertainty of Lemon water

Lemon water: so many articles have been written about the subject and still the subject isn’t clear. Does, or doesn’t lemon water benefit your health? As described on various websites lemons are known for its healing power and weight loss ability. For example: Foodmatters cheered about hot lemon water and mentioned its benefits on their website. They say:[...]

Morocco Diversity - Surf, Kitesurf and Camel ride!

Morocco is located in the very north zone of the African’s continent. The place has a grand diversity of activities to do! Last New Year’s eve I had the chance to experience a great moment celebrating it in the Sahara Desert with a big group from all around the world. After a busy and annoying time in Marrakech, we’ve gone through the mountains of Morocco an[...]

Kokos - yoghurt - citroen muffins

Het is niet altijd makkelijk om een gezond en lekker tussendoortje te vinden. Daarom probeer ik minimaal 1 keer per week iets te maken waar ik een paar dagen guilty free van kan genieten. Dit weekend maakte ik deze overheerlijke kokos - yoghurt - citroen muffins! Ze zijn makkelijk, gezond en super lekker! Ik gebruikte voor dit recept een muffinbakvorm maa[...]